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Tips & tricks to avoid the stress of clutter

Let's stay organised! Some say that clutter can cause anxiety. Exposure to clutter can make us feel disorganized, and as a result, we lose concentration and focus.

Here are some tips and tricks to stay organized and reduce clutter.

1. Put everything in it's place: An easy way to avoid clutter is to have a place for everything. And that space should not be your catch-all junk drawer! (Yes, we all have one your caught!)

For example, place clothes in the correct drawer of a China cabinet and books in a bookcase. You might even add a narrow console table to your entrance hallway as a place to hold your keys, so you don't have to search for them.

2. Add storage: It's very easy to add storage to your home décor. In the bedroom you can bring in pieces like an attractive chest of drawers. A buffet/ sideboard works wonders in the dining room with table linens and other items stashed away behind closed doors. If you have a sectional sofa in the living room, add a console to hold the TV remote and other items. Be creative it's worth the effort!

3. In & out: It happens often, when we want something new but just have that "I must hold onto everything" state of mind. Remember why you need to replace that old cabinet or sinking into one side of your sofa set! If you continue to buy more things without paring down what you already have, you can accumulate clutter in your home.

4. Think before you buy: It is easier than ever to buy things. In just a few minutes, with the click of a mouse, you can purchase items you may not need. Try waiting a day or two when you find something attractive online. Chances are, you might not be so interested in making the purchase if it is the result of impulse shopping.

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