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Cleaning your leather furniture..

Leather suites are so popular because of its quality and durability. It can give us that warm cosy feeling and can be a stand out piece in any room setting.

Here is the easiest ways you can clean your leather furniture..

1. Get the hover out: This is one of the most obvious and common way. First you want to get into all cracks and creases on sofas in particular.

2. Say goodbye to the dust: A wipe down of a leather sofa with a cloth can remove dirt and dust quickly and easily. Like old times, a simple dish soap with water on a damp cloth to clean leather furniture works like a charm.

3. The "don'ts": We advise that you don't use an "polish" cleaning supplies. It leave stains and makes your furniture patchy!

Nice & simple care, anyone can do it! Go now and look for a wide selection of leather suites at JPS Preloved Furniture:

Shop online or in person in our showroom, Nicholastown, Kilcullen, Kildare.

Find new pieces every day along with weekly updates. For further information and to shop online, visit

Until next time

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