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Top tips for wooden furniture care

It is important to know how to take care of your furniture. Proper care will allow wood furniture to maintain its beauty and functionality. While some materials like leather, upholstery and rattan require special care, there are some basic general guidelines you can follow to keep your wood furniture looking good.

Tip 1: Do not expose wood furniture to extreme temperatures

Tip 2: Make sure to keep your wood furniture away from direct sunlight

Tip 3: Protect the furniture with tablecloths, coasters and placemats during use

Tip 4: Place objects carefully by lifting and not dragging them across the surface

Tip 5: Do not place rubber or plastic items on wood furniture for long periods of time

Tip 6: Use a soft cloth to clean up spills as soon as they happen

Tip 7: Protect wood furniture from hot dishes when serving

Routine cleaning can also help to keep your fine wood furniture in top shape. Use a clean, soft cloth that is free of lint to remove dust on a regular basis. Paper towels, dusting cloths made of harsh fabrics and even some disposable dusting cloths can sometimes scratch the surface of wood furniture. Protect the furniture by polishing it wax free product every four to six months, and be careful to avoid using water or soap.

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