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The old & the new

Here's the dilemma. You love the look of traditional furniture styles, but you don't want your home to appear outdated. Let me help you furnish your home with classic traditional styles while bringing it into the modern era!

1. Pick something traditional: You can achieve the elegant style of a traditional home by choosing brand furniture. This might interest you in our Laura Ashley coffee tables or fabulous chesterfield range which really does bring us all back in time. Keep it simple and elaborate popular styles from years ago.

2. Mix it up: By adding contemporary pieces with such as a Queen Anne or Victorian style piece of furniture really can make your home more interesting. In the bedroom, allow your wall space to be covered with a fabulous gilt bevelled mirror and contrast it with a heavy dark wood headboard or dressing table.

3. Add some fun: Personalize your home with pieces you love, and don't be afraid to bring a touch accent past history like a stylish floor mirror or wine console that will bring joy to your home. Something collectable or a piece to chat about!

4. Trust your style: Go ahead, select individual pieces instead of furniture sets. Break up bedroom sets and give your home some personality by choosing dressers and nightstands that go together but may not exactly the same! Add cocktail drinks cabinets, chairs and consoles. If you can choose pieces that harmonize with each other, it's a win.

Look for a wide selection of furniture items that can gel the old and the new for your home at JPS Preloved Furniture. Shop online or in person in our showroom, Nicholastown, Kilcullen, Kildare.

Find new pieces every day along with weekly updates. For further information and to shop online, visit

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